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Expert disagrees with Dr. Halstead after underestimating Dengvaxia deaths: 34 deaths is never acceptable!

During the recent hearing on Dengvaxia, US Doctor Scott Halstead was one of its attendees.
Dr. Erwin and Dr. Scott Halstead | Photo CTTO

On a hearing that transpired just recently in the wake of the Dengvaxia controversy, the US Doctor who was said to be a Dengue expert shared his take on the issue.

Report says Dr. Halstead, who is based on the US Centers for Disease Control website, is an 'adjunct professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences'.

The said university is owned by the government of the United States of America.

In 2003, Dr. Scott Halstead, according to a report, was the one who founded the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative as a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation. Up to this date, he serves as its research director and senior advisor.

Speaking before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, Dr. Scott Halstead said “Please be aware that the diagnosis of Dengvaxia cannot be based on an autopsy”.
Dr. Erwin and Dr. Scott Halstead | Photo CTTO

“There are a lot of autopsies being done now because, of course unfortunately, children die for one reason or another after vaccine. This is a very old phenomenon. I’ve been in the vaccine business forever and there are always problems like this,” he added.

On the contrary, Dr. Rolaiza Mimi Singayao, a Filipina Doctor curently based in Oman, strongly opposes Halstead's point of view.

From a medical practitioner's perspective, Singayao elaborated her reasons as to why she does not agree with what the US Doctor tries to imply through a Facebook post.

Explaining where she is coming from, the Oman-based Doctor cites the disturbing factors that makes her contradict the opinion of Halstead.

In two parts, Dr. Singayao explained her significant premise that causes her to be on the other side of the fence.
Dr. Scott Halstead | Photo CTTO

Check out her full post below:

Part 1.

1. Dr. Halstead stated in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing "...diagnosis of Dengvaxia cannot be based on an autopsy."

FIRST, Dengvaxia is the trade name of a Dengue vaccine manufactured by Sanofi. DENGVAXIA IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS .

Ano ba definition ng Diagosis?

Identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.

opinion, interpretation, result, detection, discovery, recognition, confirmation

If what Dr. Halstead meant was one of the following;
Dengvaxia-related deaths or deaths most probably caused by Dengvaxia or probable Dengvaxia-related deaths under investigation, these phrases are essentially not diagnosis but "impressions" which are allowed while investigations are on-going. These initial impressions may progress into "working diagnosis" then, once definitive conclusions are made, DIAGNOSIS is reached signifying that a process had evolved and a strong basis for stating such had been arrived at.
Photo CTTO

So, walang diagnosis na DENGVAXIA. Kasi ang Dengvaxia ay brand name ng bakuna.

Autopsy findings with tissue samples for pathological examination coupled with the clinical profile (patient's history, physical examination, course of illness while hospitalised and auxiliary investigations ie. laboratory tests and/or radiological procedures MAKE UP the basis of a DIAGNOSIS. For majority of cases diagnosis is even said to be 90% arrived at by extracting a good history and doing a thorough physical exam.

Dr. Halstead needs to know and understand that a COMPLETE clinical profile is being build up per case by the PAOFT. Definitely, NOT BASED ON AUTOPSY FINDINGS ALONE. NOT A PIECEMEAL, NOT A HALF COOKED examination but a complete investigation. To have evidence that shall stand the rigors in the Courts. Yes, Courts because that is where this shall all lead.

It is best to note, that PAOFT is the ONLY AND FIRST Forensic Team in the entire world privileged to examine and trusted by complainants to handle 34 autopsies (40 other cases pending) within a period beginning mid-December 2017 to the present in which a new vaccine is being considered as the probable cause of deaths. Surely, their findings are worthy of merit or consideration or at the very least a careful look.
Photo CTTO

Dengvaxia, Dr. Halstead acknowledged is the first Dengue vaccine, it is NEW and a FIRST in the world to be rolled out as a school-based immunization program where 833, 000 children were vaccinated in the Philippines.

Surely, one cannot and shouldn't AT THIS POINT categorically state that viscerotropism and neurotropism are not associated with Dengvaxia. In addition to severe dengue, both the above-mentioned risks has to be primarily considered to explain the probable cause of deaths.

Sanofi in their application in 2015 with the FDA reported the 2 above (viscerotropism and neurotropism) as established risks reflective of the vaccine's chemical structure.

Dr. Halstead mentioned that this situation now in the Philippines is unique. A phenomenon, he said and so therefore, it warrants careful study of all on-going investigations and not dismissive statements, right?

PAOFT findings are very important, the number of autopsied cases so far is significant.The Clinical review done in UP-PGH is equally important as well as the works and research of Filipino scientists and experts in the field of Infectious diseases and other related medical fields.
Photo CTTO
With these, we say: No, Sir! No diagnosis of Dengvaxia was ever made. Dengvaxia is the vaccine that might have had caused deaths being investigated now.

The autopsy or forensic examination with tissues for pathological examination has in its hands, evidence. Establishment of a direct link of the Dengue vaccination and the deaths, as per the stringent requirements of an expert may take a while.

Causality though, might have been strongly established.

Part 2:

Dr. Halstead said on 13 March Senate hearing that, "There are a lot of autopsies being done now because of course unfortunately, children died for one reason or another after vaccine. This is a very old phenomenon. I've been in the vaccine business forever and there are always problems like this."

Sir, are you trying to tell us that deaths in these instances can just be regarded lightly as 'problems', also as an 'old phenomenon' associated with vaccines? And as such, acceptable or should be accepted?

34 deaths and autopsied cases within a 3 month- period is NEVER acceptable. More than 40 other cases for autopsy had been requested by grieving families. No amount of scientific justification by people in the 'vaccine business' like you can convince us, more so with your off handed, even callous statement that the deaths of our children is a "very old phenomenon" or a "problem" associated with a vaccine.

Sir, you make it sound that deaths post Dengue vaccination are sort of routine and an expected occurence. Do this line of thinking apply to the significant number of deaths of vaccinees in the Philippines?
Dr. Rolaiza Mimi Singayao | Photo from Facebook

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