Friday, March 2, 2018

Bumaliktad na si Madam? VP Robredo says she is open to another Cabinet post in one condition

In a recent interview of Pinky Webb for CNN Philippines' news program called 'The Source', Vice President Leni Robredo reveals something that quite shocked the public.
Vice President Leni Robredo and President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo CTTO

Robredo being in a different political party, her opposition to some of President Rodrigo Duterte's policies is no longer surprising as it is something she normally does.

However, on the said interview, the Vice President seem to change her tune. This is due to the program host's hypothetical question to Leni Robredo.

In an exclusive interview that aired Thursday, the latter was fiercely asked by Webb whether or not she would be willing to accept another post in the government office should the President happen to again offer her one — to which the Vice President was quick to answer.

"Ako, I'll be open to it but you know it is necessary that we discuss things," Robredo immediately told the CNN Philippines' The Source host.

Albeit revealing that she is indeed open to another post in the Cabinet, she, nevertheless, said she will first have to talk it over with the President.
Vice President Leni Robredo and President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo CTTO

"Perhaps I will tell the President that I will be very much willing to work with him. I will be very much willing to support what he's doing," she said.

Even so, the The Source guest however added that she will only do it in one condition: if there are things she does not agree on regarding the policies of this administration, then she will be compelled to say it. Only if that is fine with the President will she take the possible offer.

"But if there are things that I don't agree on, kailangan ko talagang sabihin. Kung okay yun sa kanya, e di okay.", Robredo said.

It can be remembered that until December 2016, Leni Robredo chaired the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council. After the said VP was not invited from the several Cabinet meetings, she eventually quit from the position.
Vice President Leni Robredo and President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo CTTO

The said treatment made the Vice President call it "the last straw".

It is not unknown to many that she is a prominent figure from the Liberal Party of the Philippines who has been very critical of the way President Rodrigo Duterte runs the country — most especially the war on drugs of which the opposition dubbed as Extra Judicial Killing or EJK.

Despite of the rumors that have been circulating that she would want to take over of the presidency, Robredo remains consistent in denying the said accusation.

Leni Robredo also said that her being one of the regular critics of the government policies may have rubbed some of the President's allies the wrong way.

"Pero minamasama, siguro hindi siya mismo... marami kasing nakapaligid na iba yung interpretation (of) things that I say, or things that I do. And mahirap," she said.
Vice President Leni Robredo and President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo CTTO

The Marcos' opponent though added that she is already contented with her post and that she does not see that a Cabinet offer is coming.

"Pero if that comes, kailangan siguro pag-usapan muna [But if that comes, we'll have to talk about it first]," Robredo said.

The congresswoman turned Vice President became involved with the politics after the late Jesse Robredo  her husband, who used to be the Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary — passed away in a plane crash back in 2012.

The lawyer who is known as a human rights advocate was first a congresswoman of Camarines Sur prior winning the bid for the vice presidency.
Vice President Leni Robredo | Photo from CNN

Source: CNN Philippines

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