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This is the story behind the iconic picture of nuns who stopped tanks in EDSA during People Power

People Power, most commonly known as EDSA I, is the phenomenal event that happened in the country decades ago.
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The said event is where the country's democracy we are enjoying today is attributed to. It is being commemorated every 25th of February.
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As it is being celebrated by some, different versions of the stories from that part of our history scatter left and right. One of them is about this epic photo of the nuns who were seemingly stopping the tanks in EDSA back then.
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A lot of Filipinos believed that they were really the reason why the Marine tanks have been stopped and therefore prevented the people from being hit. However, such interpretation may have just been one of the lies that were taught, and still being taught up to this very day, in school as a netizen named Joe Galvez shares the story that he knows about that iconic photo.
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Check out his full post below:

The ‘spirit’ of EDSA, from Joe Galvez — The story behind the iconic "nuns stopped tanks on EDSA." There's this story being fed for decades that nuns stopped several Marine tanks along Ortigas Avenue during the so-called People Power uprising. Wrong. The tanks have been positioned there by Marine Gen. Tadiar a day before the Pete Reyes photo of two nuns praying the rosary made the Manila Times banner photo. How the photo came to be? Here's the story. Curiosity led people to start gathering at the corner of Ortigas and EDSA to see why there were tanks parked there. They wanted to know whether they were loyalists or rebels. The small crowd grew to several thousands then to more than a hundred thousand in just a day after Cardinal Sin called for more people to go to Ortigas. As the crowd started to add up, Gen. Tadiar ordered the tanks to move to a vacant lot which is now known as Robinsons Galleria. When the tank engines started to roar, the people in front of the tanks started to panic thinking that the tanks were gonna roll over them. People, including the nuns, started praying the rosary. With all the international media focusing their lenses on the nuns, the story has been sealed. And that was how the iconic photo was taken. Photographs can be interpreted in many ways but the true story could only be told by those who were 'really' there. So in my opinion, the praying nuns did not stop the tanks because the tanks were never gonna roll over them in the first place. That split second incident became a photo opportunity for photographers (including me) and spinners. You want proof? I have photographs of that incident (before, during and after).

Source: Joe Galvez's Facebook post shared by Paul Farol

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