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Nasan ang hustisya? Galit na ina ang nagsulat ng liham sa ICC matapos nitong tanggapin ang kaso laban kay Duterte

Isang ina ang literal na nagsulat ng liham para sa International Criminal Court o ICC.
ICC Logo and Pres. Rodrigo Duterte | Photo CTTO

Sa gitna ng mga kaganapan sa isinampang kaso ng abogadong si Jude Josue Sabio laban kay Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte, gumawa ang isang nanay na netizen na ito ng liham para sa ICC.

Ang nasabing liham o open letter na ito ay isang Facebook post mula sa netizen na si Hedda Joy Tady Tan. Isang magulang na naging Overseas Filipino Worker o OFW sa loob ng dalawampu't-dalawang taon.

Nakatuon ang nabanggit na sulat para sa isa sa mga International Criminal Court Prosecutor na si Ms. Fatou Bensouda.

Kasama ng ginawang liham ni Tan ay kalakip ang mga litrato para umano mas mabigyang pansin ang kanyang punto na binanggit sa ginawa nyang liham para kay Bensouda ng ICC.

Para na rin daw ang kanyang nag-iisang boses at ang nag-iisang mensahe mula sa mga nag-aabroad para lang makapagbigay ng magandang kinabukasan sa kanilang mga pamilya dito sa Pilipinas ay marinig sa kabila ng ingay ng ginagawa ng Liberal party of the Philippines sa international community.
Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

'Attached are photos to highlight the points made in this letter, so this one voice, this one message from OFWs, may also be heard amidst the noise made by the Liberal party of the Philippines, in the international community.', sulat ni Tan.

Basahin ang kanyang sulat dito:

Dear Ms. Bensouda,

I, an ordinary citizen of the Republic of the Philippines has been both disappointed and confused as to the ICC's purpose and mandate.

In a document that details what the ICC is all about, I found this emphasized, and I assume this serves as your guiding principle in your day-to-day practice. It says, "(...) the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole must not go unpunished(...)".

Recently, my attention has been focused on your supposed "investigation" of our Philippine government, and in particular, our president, Rodrigo Duterte.
Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

My disappointment comes from two areas. One, our president has an approval rating of more than 80%, done several times over the course of his more than a year of leadership in our country. What "serious crimes" has he done to the international community and to us, his people?!

Two, there are at least two very crucial crimes done to our people, that need your intervention - that of unspeakable atrocities done to Filipino Overseas Workers who work in certain countries abroad and the neglect and outright crime done to the more than 800,000 public school children in the Philippines, inoculated with the controversial Dengvaxia, which the previous government of Benigno Aquino III is yet to be made accountable for!

Is the International Criminal Court, all of a sudden, an arm of the Liberal Party of the Republic of the Philippines, that you choose to turn a blind eye to more pressing matters about our people? Or are you mired in protocol, that you cannot shift focus and work with us - the people - to get to the very bottom of our problem? And that is, our POVERTY?!
Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

Our president - along with the thousands of government workers - tirelessly work day and night to effect changes and reforms that impact the next generation of Filipinos, so unlike the current ones, they don't live motherless lives, brought on by the exodus of our working force abroad!

To the respectable men and women of the International Criminal Court, please do not get in the way of the Filipino nation's fight for better!

For more than a year, you have been deluded by the barrage of fake evidences, half-truths, from people loyal to the previous leadership, who say that the Filipinos back home and abroad, do not know what is truly going on in our country.

We are a breathing, thinking community of freedom fighters, who has chosen social media as our platform to give our people a voice, because most of our local mainstream media refuses to represent the truth!
Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan
To the respectable men and women of the International Criminal Court, please do not allow the institution that is the ICC, to be used for one political party's agenda. Focus energy, time and your moral arm towards the true enemy of the Filipino people - POVERTY.

One of our own - a 29-year-old young Filipina - has been identified to be the one found in a freezer, in an apartment abandoned by her former employer abroad. How many more of our men and women must be sacrificed, in the name of family?

You coming to our country, on the pretext of a search for justice, adds to the stressors that have plagued our people for decades on end. Just when we have legally and massively chosen - in a democractic election - the one leader who understands our true needs, you choose to come barreling into our midst, armed with half-truths, collated, by people who serve but one purpose - That of the Liberal party of the Philippines?

Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

Until when must the Filipino prove himself/herself worthy of self-governance? Why do our pleas to be left alone to address our challenges, go unheard? We are lawyers, doctors, economists, engineers, international diplomats, seasoned journalists, professors - working professionals - who give voice to our people's plea to be allowed free rein on SELF-DETERMINATION.

Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

Photo from Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan

Until when must our children give up their mothers and fathers to jobs abroad, in search of better? And until when must the international community refuse to acknowledge that such is the root cause of our problems in the Philippines - the motherless generations?!

Ms. Bensouda, until when...?

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady Tan
A mother.
An OFW for 22 years.
A citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.

Source: Hedda Joy Tady Tan

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