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Radio host blasts UST anent Mocha's award, enraged netizens bombard the comment section

Just last week, Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Margaux 'Mocha' Uson received an award from the University of Sto. Thomas (UST) for her excellence in government service.
PCOO Asec Mocha Uson and UST Alumni logo | Photo from Google

Apparently, the said award made some Thomasians blood boil. Their reason? They do not find her deserving or worthy of such recognition.

However, to their surprise, the recipient of the award, the PCOO Asec Mocha herself, slapped the outraged Thomasians by returning the award right away. This is because according to her, some of the UST students bashing have already crossed the line.

According to the awarded assistant secretary on her Facebook live, the UST Alumni Association's president resigned after being heavily lambasted by the students who disagree with the selection of its award recipients, particularly for deciding to choose Asec Mocha as one of them.

In a Facebook post, radio host and well-known political commentator Jojo Robles shared his thoughts on this fuss that has been going around on social media for days now.

On the said post, he said he learned that the university who prides itself for being the 'only pontifical university in Asia' that proclaims it's teaching for 'Catholic values' has revealed it's true colors as a 'thoroughly hypocritical, bigoted and poisonously partisan community'.

Check out his full post below:
Veteran journalist Jojo Robles | Photo from Facebook


I watched with amusement as various sectors within the University of Santo Tomas community outdid themselves in making a big deal about the award given by the school’s alumni association to Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson.

My amusement turned to anger when the same university community fell silent after the Senate recommended the disbarment and resignation of UST law school dean Nilo Divina, for his fraternity’s killing of Aegis Juris neophyte Horacio “Atio” Castillo III.

I don’t know what “Thomasian values” UST is trying to show the world outside its gates – not just in the Uson case but in Dean Divina’s case, as well.

I never attended UST, so I am not aware of what values it teaches its students.

All I know is, this week, the school that takes an awful lot of pride in being the only pontifical university in Asia, which proclaims that it teaches Catholic values such as “truth in charity,” unmasked itself as a thoroughly hypocritical, bigoted and poisonously partisan community.

And unless UST acts with even a fraction of the outrage that it showed when it forced Uson to return an award she never sought, fires Divina and disowns his homicidal Aegis Juris frat brothers, that opinion will not change.

I went to a public school that never presumed to teach its students moral and Christian values like UST does.

This week, I realized that I’m so glad that I did.

Meanwhile, below are the comments of the enraged netizens:
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook
Screengrab from Jojo Robles's Facebook

Source: Jojo Robles

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