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PCOO Usec Badoy asks for a moment of silence to recognize the real Filipinos of the Year 2017, the Marawi heroes

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, like the rest of the Filipinos, was deeply affected by the so-called award given by Philippine Daily Inquirer to Jover Laurio.

The Filipinos of the Year 2017 award, together with the 'other voice vs fake news', was given to Laurio.

Many find it a big insult to the nation, especially to our soldiers who risked their lives, with some even died, only to reclaim our land from the hands of the terrorists.

Here is Usec. Lorraine Marie Badoy's Facebook post

There are so many freedoms we take for granted and we forget we have them because there are men and women who walk among us who willingly—WILLINGLY—gave up their lives for nothing but love for country.
AFP and PNP | Photo from Usec Badoy

They sign on the dotted line and part of what they say yes to is to willingly take that bullet in their hearts when someone stands between them and our country’s sovereignty. And when our Freedom is at stake, they take that bullet without any hesitation.

And the bullet that fells them rearranges the lives of their children, their widows, their mothers, fathers they leave behind so that their lives no longer bear any resemblance to the lives they had before the beloved was snatched away from them.

And forevermore.

Forever, there will be a hole in the hearts of those they leave behind the size and shape of the man who loved them best and most.

Forever, there will be that empty chair that will cry for him to come home and break bread with them one more time and to laugh and hear how their days went.

And forever, that chair will remain empty.

And did you see the faces of our heroes of Marawi? These men who stepped up and said, “Yes. For country, I die.”?

Some of them so achingly young.

With whole lives ahead of them. With wild dreams, I bet, of going up the stage to pin medals on their graduating children, of walking their daughters down the aisle, of dancing with the wife of their youth til they were old and gray.

But all that’s gone now.

I shake my head in disbelief. These men knew what it was they were getting themselves into and said ‘yes’ nevertheless.

And so in under 5 months, the war that threatened to destroy our beloved country has been quelled. It would be foolish to say we are 100% safe now. This President has made powerful enemies when he declared war on those who have stolen our country from us then proceeded to stop this country’s free fall into oblivion.

But 4 months is proof positive of just how awesome our President and his AFP and PNP are.

I never, for one moment, take for granted the President who puts his life on the line and the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who stand solidly behind their Chief of Staff.

For now, our country stands strong and you and I can go about our daily lives unperturbed. Tonight we sleep the peaceful sleep of the free. Our dreams, our hopes untouched.

Please. A moment of silence for our heroes.

1Lt John Carl C Morales (Inf) PA
2Lt Mcglenn Z Abuyabor (Inf) PA
TSg Jessie B Santos (Cav) PA
TSg Aldrin Dinglasan PN (M)
SSg Julhabir J Dakkay (Inf) PA
SSg Joseph P Villanueva (Inf) PA
Sgt Marlon V Baldovino (Cav) PA
Sgt Eric Jason J Coros (Inf) PA
Sgt Asah A Sakiran (Infantry) PA
Sgt Throlen R Lago (Inf) PA
Sgt Rudy A Espelimburgo PN (M)
Cpl Benito G Serrano (Inf) PA
Cpl Elmer M Anno (Inf) PA
Cpl Tahiruddin K Salahuddin (Inf) PA
Cpl Philip G Apao (Inf) PA
Cpl Aliyasir I Abdulla (Inf) PA
Cpl Ricky A Asan (Inf) PA
Cpl Christopher C Dela Cruz (Inf) PA
Cpl Nilo R Donato Jr (Inf) PA
Cpl Reymund A Paracuelles (CE) PA
Cpl Johva M Aquino (Inf) PA
Pfc Eldon C Rogador (Inf) PA
Pfc William B Tuanda Jr (Inf) PA
Pfc Bermilou P Pardillo (Inf) PA
Pfc Dhan Ryan A Bayot (Inf) PA
Pfc Angelo A Estores Jr (Inf) PA
Pfc Dondee D Orboda (Inf) PA
Pfc Elmer D Bueno (Inf) PA
Pfc Melvin S Raton (Inf) PA
Pfc Edmond D Principe (Inf) PA
Pfc Anthony C Capulot (Inf) PA
Pfc Kevin E Sisiban (Inf) PA
Pfc Arhanie O Ampalo (Inf) PA
Pvt Jessrael O Butalina (Inf) PA
Pfc Reymar E Carloto (Inf) PA
Pfc Rowee M Montalban (Inf) PA
Pvt Marlo P Rota (Inf) PA
Pvt Junie Berth R Purlas (Inf) PA
Pvt Roel M Cabonita (Inf) PA
Pvt Ramon L Montejo (Inf) PA
Pvt Saed Abdul Rahman H Palada (Inf) PA
Pvt Mark Daryl A Parba (Cav) PA
(please, if I missed anyone, tell me. I beg you.)

And I wrote this because I feel the pain you feel at the obscenity of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for having named an obscenity as the best of the Filipinos.

For having named the worst of us as the best of us.

For calling cowardice, courage.

For extolling trash.

And then forcing down our gullets their rotten narrative--that this yellow puppet represents us. And for having ignored the very real sacrifices of our men in uniform. And for what? A yellow mascot.

The truth is, I only hurt for you. I don’t hurt for me too much. I have long stopped reading the Inquirer. 11 years running now. And so none of their shit defines my world view in any way. And I think you hurt because there still is this part of you that believes in the Inquirer.

I’ve quoted him often because he brings us truths that will free us. One more time, with feeling, Carl Jung.

“There is no coming into consciousness without pain.”

The pain you feel now for the terrible insult Inquirer has dealt the Filipino people for going through our trash and picking this joke then declaring that she is the best of us comes from that part of you that still thinks the Inquirer is worth something.

Surely this pain wakes you up to the truth that the Inquirer isn’t worth the paper they’re printed on? Is for sale to the highest bidder. Unprincipled. Garbage, basically.

This pain is meant to wake you up to the excesses and obscenities of this paper. And how they’ve hurt our country over and over and over.

Stop hurting and wake up. And vote with your feet. Stop reading this paper and then maybe like me, all you’ll ever feel is amusement at how this trashy broadsheet has, once again, unmasked itself. This, after all, is the paper that thinks Noynoy Aquino/Mar Roxas/Donkey are honorable, decent, worth something. Or that Leni Robredo isn’t lazy, incompetent, shallow.

And it is the paper that has lied outrageously about the President who continues to enjoy the trust and approval of the overwhelming majority of Filipinos and for solid reasons. 

Wag na kayo magulat kung bukas-makalawa, may list sila ng Top 10 Sexiest Filipinas in A Bikini at ang #1 si Fiona.

Ganon lang talaga sila. So tahan na, ochey?

Brush your tears away. Pick yourself up. And never again allow trash to define you.
You are Filipino.

You are the stuff of heroes and heroines.

Upward, onward!

Yakap you guys.
PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy | Photo from Facebook

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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