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PCOO exec defends Sec. Andanar and colleagues amid bashing after fake news senate hearing

Another hearing conducted by the senate addressing fake news took place yesterday, January 31.
PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar and Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy | Photo from Rappler

After the said hearing, of which some of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) attended, along with Sec. Martin Andanar are his colleagues being bashed due to yesterday's session.

Following the bashing left and right was PCOO's Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy coming to the defense of the department herself includes.

Check out her full post below:

I hear quite a lot of you are disappointed with PCOO because you didn’t get the bardagulan you expected from yesterday’s hearing. And I hear some of you have taken to bashing Sec Martin Andanar calling him all sorts of names.

I truly don’t know. These are all second hand to me. I hardly have the time to write a decent post these days, much less spend interminable hours on Facebook. (This post, for instance, will be written in one go, no edits. SO SORRY.)
Asec. Banaag, Sec. Andanar , and Usec. Badoy | Photo from ABS-CBN

And for good reasons: my time and the time of each of those executives who sat in yesterday’s hearing are spent serving the Filipino people.

The President and the Executive Branch have amazing programs for our country to take it out of the dark basement its been in for forever and into the light of the 21st century.

Naalala nyo yung dark basement na yon?

Where we saw no hope for ourselves and our children.

Where our country wasn’t just the sick man of Asia but dying and on its last few breaths?

Where it felt like raising our children here was an act of parental neglect because we were going to leave them a country mired in corruption, severe poverty, criminality and lawlessness.

Where they would be judged not by what they knew but by who they knew and that they had therefore better learn to play this game—this disgusting game that had become the language of our country---the padrino system.
Sec. Martin Andanar with Usec. Lorraine Marie Badoy in the background | Photo from ABS-CBN

Where the poor eat off garbage and where they live under bridges and where they would remain ignorant for generations and where they die because there is no money for the simplest of medicines.

Where, when you visit other countries, you want to cry because your country just feels like rotten shit leftover from last century’s meal.

Well, guess what—there are very good reasons this President’s approval and trust ratings continue to soar.


One of them is Biyaya ng Pagbabago. There are houses, scholarships, free tertiary education, free med school tuition, free health care, etc—index after index of poverty getting struck down. THEY ARE ALL THERE.
PCOO Usec Lorraine Marie T. Badoy | Photo from Google

We only need to go down to the people and tell them, “The table has been set for you. A simple feast has been prepared for you. All you need to do is go to the table and EAT.”

And one of them is Build, Build, Build. The changing of our country’s landscape so we’re no longer that country with two rickety bridges and bako bako thin roads.

And one of them is TRAIN that will fund this future that we all have dreamt for our country but never, in our wildest dreams thought would happen because our leaders were nothing but self serving, short sighted, greedy, INDIFFERENT—who cared more for their popularity ratings and the whatever else they could steal from the Filipino people besides whatever else they had already stolen from us—our dignity as a nation, our bright future, our children’s right to live in a country where they could make their wildest dreams happen.

This tax reform system that will give us a broader, more educated mass base because the social cost to an uneducated mass base is HIGH. We have paid through our teeth with people who have no idea how to think for themselves and who are easy prey therefore to self serving politicians and religious hacks.

Which is why we kept on voting for the worst of us or why we let men in white robes think for us—we were sheep led to slaughter.

Look at this man now, our President. He cares close-to-NOTHING for his popularity. But he will stop at NOTHING to get us to that country of our dreams.

And the PCOO—headed by the Secretary that he trusts implicitly –is his communications arm.

His bridge to the people so his message of hope and REAL change is heard loud and clear by the poorest of the poor and those who live in places in our country you didn’t even know existed.

This communications arm that had become weak and ineffectual has now been transformed into a strong, world class communications system with state of the art equipment that can rival some of the world’s best.

Our President can be heard by those who never, in their entire life, felt government's presence. And he can be heard LOUD AND CLEAR

All these is because of the man who stands at the helm of the PCOO now-Sec Martin Andanar. A man who is clearly and solidly in line with the President’s vision of how he wants our country to be.

There will ALWAYS be criticisms against public servants. It is in the very nature of our job to NEVER be able to please anyone. I knew this when I signed up for this. Secretary Andanar knew this.

And yet we signed up for it.

And for Team PCOO—all those guys you saw in yesterday’s hearing—it is because our hearts are afire with love for country and are so inspired by the President we serve under. These are people the President handpicked. The ones he trust implicitly.

Working with them is the joy of my everyday because their accomplishments that have duly been noted by our President, are REAL and SOLID and will withstand the test of time. Accomplishments that will serve generations of Filipinos.

Like the President who heads our team, we are not into this for political ambition or personal gain but for love of country. NOTHING ELSE.

So please, if you’re going to judge us, your public servants, based on one performance—a run-of-the-mill Senate hearing—you might want to be smarter than that and go past your ‘entertain me’ mentality.

You were expecting a blockbuster bardagulan and got instead civilized public servants who try everyday to level up the discourse and the civility so we don’t keep tearing at each other—and needlessly. I am, truly, sorry for you if this is all you want in your leaders.

What you have instead are public servants who try, every day, their very best to serve you faithfully. And have solid achievements tucked under our belts.

You might want us to judge us this way.

Wag na yang “That’s Entertainment” mentality na yan. You are way better than that.

Also, you might want to turn off your computers once in awhile, unplug, go out and breathe and look at the trees and the sky and the MOON TONIGHT! And you might want to look at the eyes of people you love and have an awesome life outside Facebook.

Mag mental health week tayo this week. Haha

Ok, gotta go, guys. I’m off to a busy busy day.

I love you guys.


(In photo, representing Team PCOO from L to R: Gigie Agtay, Director of News and Information Bureau, Bong Aportadera, Director of Philippine Broadcasting System, Gelo Villar Deputy Director General of Philippine Information Agency, Asst Secretary Marie Banaag, Secretary Martin Andanar, Undersecretary Marvin Gatpayat, Dino Apolonio-General Manager PTV4. Behind: Undersecretary Joel Egco, Asst Sec Kiss Reyes, EA Novie, Asst Sec Mon Cualoping)
Photo from Facebook

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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