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Laglagan na! Mid Term Elections is a nightmare for the anti-Dutertards, says Int'l Relations Expert

Jun Avelino, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and an International Relations expert, explained in a Facebook post why he thinks the 2019 Mid Term Elections would be a nightmare for the Anti Dutertards.
Jun Avelino | Photo from Facebook

Check out his full post below:

The 2019 Mid Term Elections; A Nightmare for the Anti Dutertards

The sad reality in our country’s politics today is the apparent demise of a political opposition. What we have in our midst today are not the opposition groups but these are the noisy political crowds with different agenda, political persuasions, ideology, beliefs and convictions. Some espouse nothing at all who bark like rabid dogs to be noticed. If you lump them in one place, they are called Anti Dutertards. Yes! They may come from different colors, religion, groups and are operating independent from one another, but they all have one thing in common – they hate Duterte and they want him out from the Presidency. This is what bands them together – their extreme dislike for the duly elected President of this country. Since day 1 of his Presidency, they have launched indiscriminate attacks by throwing all shits at the man’s face to destroy his name and reputation. But after one year and a half of malicious, hate-filled and polarizing campaign against the President, the man emerged unscathed and his detractors only got what they deserved – alienation from the Filipino people who continue to believe and support their President.

Duterte ended 2017 with a record high approval rating of 80 percent which no other Presidents in the past enjoyed. 

In that survey, only 7 percent disapproved of him and the rest are undecided. This is notwithstanding the fact that massive campaign and destabilization efforts happened during that year. Obviously, the record achievements of his administration have given him this record satisfaction rating and nothing else. But the Anti Dutertards refused to see this and continue to defy the general sentiments of the public as they still hold on to their misplaced conviction that one day, Digong will be removed and so the campaign is expected to continue.

It’s about time for the Anti Dutertards to open their minds and ask these bold questions to themselves: How can you remove a President who won via landslide victory and continued to enjoy 80 percent approval rating as of last survey? How can you remove a President who caused the turning around of our economy as evidenced by recent record economic growth we now enjoy? How can you remove a President who successfully implemented our country’s independent foreign policy and who has placed Philippines in the center stage of global diplomacy which won the admiration of super powers including Russia, China, Japan, Australia, ASEAN countries and even India? How can you remove a President who puts premium on our sovereignty and resisted foreign intervention camouflaged as financial aids by declining these huge sums with strings attached? 

How can you remove a President who destroyed the backbone of the drug trade in this country with his no-nonsense drug war program? How can you remove a President who has the balls to run after oligarchs and made them pay billions they owed and stole from the coffers of the government? How can you remove a President who fires government officials on whiff of corruption issues? How can you remove a President who successfully defended our country’s territory by defeating ISIS in Marawi and for declaring Martial Law in Mindanao without any reported violations of human rights? How can you remove a President who “fuck youed” UN, EU and even US in defense of our independence and dignity as a country? These are just few among the many reasons why the Duterte presidency is considered as impermeable.

The 1987 constitution provides for the only mode of removing a sitting President from office and that is by impeachment. There was already an attempt last year but it did not see the light of day for lack of support from both houses of Congress which are perceived to be controlled by Duterte. That leaves you folks with one last option which I believe you continue to hallucinate on and that is to remove him via people power (EDSA revolution way). But for fuck sake, you can hardly muster a crowd of 5,000 people joining the hundreds of rallies you already organized! How would you expect the AFP and PNP to join you?

To be in power requires that you win an election and not by removing the occupant thereof. And to win an election, you need the required votes which only the Filipino people can provide. Therefore, winning the sympathy and support of the majority of the people should be the main focus and the ultimate drive of the Anti Dutertards. But with all the shenanigans they are in now, are they on the right track? I see a dismal failure on their part in this respect. By focusing so much on the possibility of removing Duterte soon, they conveniently have forgotten the most important element in the struggle for power – support of the people. And the problem lies on the elitist approach and strategy of the Anti Dutertards on various issues the country is confronted with.

When Digong implemented the controversial drug war program as part of his election promise which claimed thousands of lives of drug lords, addicts and pushers, the anti Dutertards castigated him on the issue of human rights and extra judicial killings. But they never offered any alternative of solving the drug menace other than attacking what Duterte is doing. Looking at the politics of it, Duterte gets the support of the people for doing a great job in solving the country’s drug problem as opposed to the Anti Duterterds who the society perceives as inutile insofar as solving the country’s drug problems is concerned. A Political blunder, indeed.

When Duterte implemented his foreign independent policy by opening diplomatic relations with China, Russia and other countries, thus shying away from our exclusive alliance with the US, the Anti Dutertards were quick in criticizing him for such move. But looking at the politics of it, the move projects Duterte as the champion of our country’s independence and the anti Dutertards are just ass-sniffing amboys of the present times;
Jun Avelino | Photo from Facebook

When Digong declared Martial law in Mindanao, anti-Dutertards were in chorus condemning him for being a dictator. The measure was approved by Congress and ruled favorably by the Supreme Court. He followed every procedure set forth in the constitution which put him on a higher ground over the anti Dutertartds who looked like bunch of idiotic ignoramus before the eyes of the people insofar as Mindanao martial law is concerned.

When Digong allowed the burial of the late President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, anti Dutertards lambasted Digong for being a clone of Marcos. The Supreme Court has eventually ruled in favor of Duterte’s move and in effect, has shut them down shamefully.

Anti Dutertards have sought the help of UN, EU, the US, ICC, and even insidiously collaborated with global media broadsheets abroad to help in destroying the Duterte government by attacking Digong from various global media platforms. 

These people found solace and gratification every time our country is under media attack and criticisms under the Duterte administration. Such moves however, have boomeranged as the Filipino people chose to defend Duterte and treat these idiots as traitors to our country, no less.

There is a litany of other blunders committed by anti Dutertards which contributed to the diminution of its people’s support instead of improving its mass base. And the worst of all is when they started attacking the people who support Digong in the social media instead of winning their support. The creation by Anti Dutertards of trolls like PAB, Cynthia Patag, etc. to fight Digong’s SocMed supporters is an ill-advised political strategy and is a proof that the cause of the Anti Dutertards is going down the dustbin of our country’s political history.

The 2019 Mid Term Election is just around the corner and taking the figures of the last survey, the Anti Dutertards only has 7 percent supporting (disapprove of Duterte) it while Digong mustered 80 percent solid support from its mass base and the remaining 13 percent is undecided. By doing your simple Math, you can ascertain the projection these figures give us for the midterm elections. Indeed, it’s a hell of a nightmare for the anti Dutertards who will likely end up massacred politically in the coming elections.

The Liberal Party has realized the grim political scenario that awaits them in the midterm elections. Hence, the recent campaign activities around for their massive recruitment in preparation for the exercise. This has however met a snag when its leaders (e.g. Cong. Baguilat) tried to plug in a black propaganda that LP has recently recruited 500 new members disappointed with Duterte. We all know that there is an exodus of LP members to PDP Laban and not the other way around. LP members should cease from resorting to lies in winning the support of the people. We are sick and tired of that. The recruitment approach may have come too late a hero, as I believed, in every country where there is political maturity, those who did not make it in the elections immediately constitute themselves after elections into the real opposition who operates like an alternative government - a government-in-waiting so to speak. Such that, when Digong fails this country, we have a group to turn to, willing to take on the cudgel for the people, to snatch the rein of power as an alternative to the reigning government. Sadly, the opposition in this country is DEAD and the Anti Dutertards never offer any decent alternative other than being brainless and idiotic ANTIS. – Sanamagan!

It is about time that the Anti Dutertards, with the leadership of LP, should level up, become and act like the real opposition that we badly need for this country. Show us your alternative programs you espouse (if any) which are better than those of Digong administration to prove that you are worthy of the Filipino people’s support. Otherwise, we appeal for you to do the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of this country by honorably shutting up and let Duterte do his job as President until 2022.

Lest you forget, ours is a representative democracy. We elect a President and other leaders in both executive and legislative branches of our government and thereby bestow upon them the authority to make decisions on our behalf on matters of governance. If you lose in the elections, have the temerity to respect the will of the majority, such being the essence of democracy. The majority rules and the losers should respect the election results which give the victors the free hand to run the government, thus putting the losers in the sidelines, performing the role as oppositionists. The latter’s only recourse is to wait for the next elections to grab the power after getting the support of the people. Anything short than that, e.g. removal from office, is anarchy and it has no place in our country which professes and lives with the principles of democracy. Duterte is our President until 2022. Suck it up!

Now, if the Anti Dutertards continue to insist on what they do, the Filipino people should respect their constitutional right to be perpetually insane. For all we care, they can use their right middle finger and put it inside their ass for the longest time. While the Filipino people are marching towards progress with Duterte at the helm, this bunch of morons can continue to enjoy the titillating feeling of the art of ass-self-fingering. And while we enjoy the march towards development, these folks can insanely enjoy licking their middle finger (fresh from their asses) watching us from afar. These are the elites, the self-righteous intellectuals, self-proclaimed human rights defenders, the decent, the religious who after all these years, proved to be the purveyors of hatred and the instigators of the polarization of this country. We do not need them in our folds if we are to progress as a country. – JA
President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo from Google

Source: Jun Avelino

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