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Kill them with kindness! PCOO Usec Badoy answers a hateful anti-Marcos netizen kindly despite its consistent attack on her

Many people are aware about how certain of an anti-Marcos Lorraine Marie Badoy is.
Usec Badoy and Aurora Pijuan | Photo from Facebook 

This is something she never denied to the public even right before she was appointed as the Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary.

Even so, the PCOO Undersecretary being in contrast with President Rodrigo Duterte's way of dealing with the Marcoses has never get in the way in her decision to support the incumbent Philippine president who is known to be cordial with the said family.

In one of her Facebook posts, the intelligent and ever-humorous undersecretary once again proved us how rich she is with the words of wisdom.

On the said post, apart from addressing a certain Aurora Pijuan regarding its another attack on her, Doc. Lorraine Marie Badoy proved us that choosing our battles matters a lot. And that hate would keep on burdening us and get the best of us if we continue to spew it on the wrong people at the wrong place. Especially if we present it as something we do for others when in fact it's for no one but ourselves alone.

As the great Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.".

Check out her full post below

There is someone who is fiercely anti-Duterte and anti-Marcos who keeps tagging me for some of the most inane reasons so that I’ve stopped reading anything she tags me on for years now. When I see on my notifs “Aurora Pijuan tagged you”,I totally ignore and not even read a word because her track record for inanity is close to perfect.

She is one of those simple-minded ones who equate my being pro-Duterte with being pro-Marcos. That I have sold out, in other words.

It’s just too much for her to imagine that gradations exist in life and that there are numerous and countless permutations and combinations possible where people’s beliefs are concerned.

So I think her mind is blown by how I can love the President she hates and yet continue to hold the Marcoses accountable for all the crimes they’ve committed against the Filipino people.

May nakalusot na tag nya sa akin this morning. And it’s real funny. Got me thinking “Whatever does this woman mean by ‘Lorraine, happy now?”

Does Aurora Pijuan think that I am personally responsible for this court ruling? That by some magic and razzle dazzle, I got to talk to the CA judges and ordered them to reject the 2 billion dollar compensation claims over the Marcos Estate?

Or did she mean that the President is responsible for this ruling?

Is she sticking to the Yellow-prescribed narrative that the President they’ve been itching to overthrow is dancing with the Marcoses and playing footsies with the CA to make this precise ruling?

I know. It’s really too hard to imagine a President who sticks to rules of law and is incorruptible and who will not meddle with the judiciary the way that yellowshit president did.
Photo from Usec. Lorraine Marie Badoy's Facebook post

And by asking me if I am happy now, is she holding me responsible for this yellow-fueled paranoia of our President being as corrupt as their chickenshit president Noynoy Aquino who made avowals of virtue and decency yet thought nothing of destroying a principled man, Chief Justice Corona for the simple reason that the Chief Justice ruled against that vale of grief and horrendous injustice—Hacienda Luisita?

Ang hirap eh. She lays a heavy on you and yet will not take the trouble to spin out a few more words so what she says is crystal clear.

So let me just, once and for all and for the last time, give her a wide swipe. Let her take it as much as she’s given it.

Hey Aurora Pijuan—
You ask me if I am happy now.

Yes I am oh so happy now. This President is awesome. The overwhelming majority of Filipinos think so. World leaders think so. (As usual, you yellows are kinda slow on this one. Ask me if I care.)

Things are looking up for our country for the first time in forever. Thanks to your yellowshit president who made an awful mess of this country, this President has his hands full. And so do I.

But I am happy I get to work with a President who is true to the Filipino people. And I’m really sorry for you that your jaundiced eyes can’t see this but it’s not something that gives me grief. Truth be told I am quite indifferent to you and people like you who hate this President. Live and let live.

Hate, after all, is a choice. Something you’re fully entitled to.

Real sorry for you though that the President you hate is friends with the Marcoses whom you have some excess baggage and funky history with. The chickens have come home to roost in your backyard, Ms Pijuan and you are being asked to finally deal with your ghosts.

For some time now, you’ve asked people to carry burdens you alone must carry.

You are asking this President to carry your hate for you—just as you have felt totally entitled in your demands that I carry your burden of hate of the Marcoses for you. Amazing gall really.

No, sorry. I am so done with hate. And as far as I can see, hate is not something that moves this President. Love for the Filipino people is what moves him.

I continue to hold the Marcoses accountable for all the crimes they’ve committed against the Filipino people. But I am free of the burden of hate that you continue to choose to carry—even as you and your ilk continue to call it nice names like ‘justice’ or ‘courage’.

You do not honor the fallen, the ones who fought for freedom with this Altar of Hate you have built and tend to with meticulous care.

You have made yourselves believe that you do this in their honor but really—you and the handful I used to fight alongside with—fight personal battles using our heroes and heroines.

Shame on you.

Now stop pestering me. I am busy working with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to put our country on high ground.

And yes, oh yes, this makes me so happy.

Usec. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy | Photo from Facebook

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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