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Jover Laurio's award: Sabotage or just a product of conflict? Bobi Tiglao explains

The face behind the Pinoy Ako Blog, Jover Laurio, along with 'other voices vs fake news', was named by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) as the Filipino of the Year 2017 awardee.
Jover Laurio and Bobi Tiglao | Photo from Google

As a result, numerous people, not only bloggers like herself, were bothered (and sorry for those who truly deserve such recognition), as much as they are laughing, at the thought of this biggest joke of 2017, made by Inquirer.

One of them is Rigoberto 'Bobi' Tiglao, a columnist at The Manila Times and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In Tiglao's Facebook post, he said 'Pinoy Ako blogger Jover Laurio, whose claim to fame is to write one or two liners in the internet cursing pro-Duterte bloggers ("balahura" is her favorite) is the Inquirer's Filipino of the Year'.

'The paper's editors outvoted our soldiers who fell in the Marawi battles against ISIS-linked terrorits. (No. Maria Ressa, a competitor in the cyberworld, isn't in their list.)', he added.

In what he calls the article that is 'thinly-veiled manifesto against the Duterte admnistration', he said the PDI 'has put Laurio on the same pedestal as Cory Aquino and all the past presidents since her, and Laurio's anithesis, the late EIC Lety Magsanoc (2015 Filipino of the Year)'.
Screengrab from Tiglao's Facebook

At the end of such post, Tiglao said 'It speaks volumes if the likes of Laurio that has become PDI's and the Yellow Cult's exemplar of journalism'.

Meawhile, in a separate Facebook post, he mentioned an intriguing question referring to Laurio's award given by the PDI which made everybody kept thinking about: 'Sabotage or Rift, or natauhan after breakfast?'

Following the said question was another one which further explains the latter.

'Are there PDI editors sabotaging the Inquirer, or is there a big rift between its print editors and online editors?'.

He went on on the same post and said that the article which announces the Pinoy Ako Blog blogger as the Filipino of the Year 2017 has been taken down from the Philippine Daily Inquirer's own website.

'The article announcing blogger Jover Laurio has been taken down from its website. What is there is the paper's announcment that it is the fallen soldiers who fought in Marawi who are its Filipinos of the year', Tiglao said.

According to the columnist, there was no mention that 20 'editors' voted in favor of Laurio as based on the article on print, it only stated "In the search for the 2017 Filipino of the Year, 49 out of a total of 51 editors voted. A plurality of 20 chose Laurio; 17 editors voted for the soldiers and police officers who defended the Islamic City of Marawi".
Screengrab from Tiglao's Facebook

Eager to know the truth, in another Facebook post, he once again asked: So who are the PDI's Filipinos of the Year ba?

This is because, as Tiglao said, 'Print edition says it is that Pinoy Ako blogger, with 20 of its editors voting for her, and only 17 for Marawi defenders' and that there was no article about it online on Philippine Daily Inquirer's website itself.

On the other hand, the staunch Duterte supporter said the internet version of their own Filipinos of the year 2017 are the Defenders of Marawi.
Screengrab from Tiglao's Facebook

To date, if you are going to search for it using the keyword 'Filipinos the year inquirer', below is what Google will show you.

Source: Bobi Tiglao

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