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Ginalingan! DA Secretary Manny Piñol shares good news that benefited Lanao Del Sur fisher folks

The Department of Agriculture Secretary, Manny Piñol, appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte currently shared another good news on one of his Facebook posts.
Photo from Secretary Manny Piñol

Piñol, who is very active on social media, is known for posting almost every activity he does as Agriculture Secretary. One of which is the efforts he and his team has been doing for the country.

On his recent post dated January 5, he shared that in a ceremony held in Ditsaan-Ramain, Lanao del Sur, the town next to Marawi City, they have turned over an ‘initial 2-million fingerlings of Tilapia while 200 fiberglass fishing boats’ yesterday (January 4) to ‘fisher folks’ in towns that are next to the 35,000-hectare Lake Lanao.

Check out his full post below:

Delivered as promised!


Ditsaan-Ramain, Lanao del Sur - An initial 2-million fingerlings of Tilapia while 200 fiberglass fishing boats were turned over yesterday to fisher folks in towns surrounding the 35,000-hectare Lake Lanao during simple ceremonies held in this lakeside town next to Marawi City.
Photo from Secretary Manny Piñol

The delivery was a fulfillment of a commitment made by President Rody Duterte as part of the rehabilitation and recovery program for Marawi City and Lanao del Sur residents who were affected by the conflict and lately Typhoon Vinta.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries ARMM (DAF-ARMM) also provided each family-beneficiary of the fiberglass fishing boats an initial start-up capital of P2,500.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, led by Undersecretary Eduardo Gongona, initiated the activity yesterday which has long been delayed because of bad weather conditions in the area.

President Duterte was supposed to turn over the interventions on Dec. 27 but Zero Visibility prevented the Presidential Party from landing in Ditsaan-Ramain.

Yesterday's activity also almost did not push through because of rains and cloudy skies between Kidapawan City, where I took off using a helicopter, and Malawi City.

Mayor's of lakeside towns attended yesterday's activity, including families of fishermen and members of women's organization who presented their concerns to the Department of Agriculture Secretary during the open forum.

Right after the ceremonies, delighted fishermen were seen using their fiberglass fishing boats which they said were the first ever "decent" assistance they received from BFAR ever since.
Photo from Secretary Manny Piñol

The 2-million fingerlings will just be the first batch as another 3-million fingerlings will be seeded in the Lake before the end of the year.

During the open forum, local leaders also asked of government assistance in setting up hatcheries for indigenous fish species like Kanduli and the White Biya.

Their requests were approved and I directed BFAR Director, Usec Gongona, to provide funds for the project.

Woman's groups also received the public approval of their request for the establishment of post-harvest and processing facilities for fish caught in the Lake.

During the forum yesterday, I announced that 10,000 bags of White Corn Seeds will be delivered to farmers in the province in time for the next planting season, including fertilizers.

The DA will also turn over to the Army Agricultural Engineering Corps 40 huge farm tractors and 60 smaller tractors, including transplanters and harvesters, this year to be used in the development of the farms in Lanao del Sur.
Photo from Secretary Manny Piñol

Following a directive by President Duterte, the Army Agricultural Engineers in partnership with the DA will be deployed in critical areas like Lanao del Sur to assist in the agricultural development of the areas.

Tractors and other farm equipment provided by the DA will be used by the AAE Corps in serving the needs of the farmers for free.

This will be done until such time the farmers have fully recovered and will be able to manage their farms on their own.

Other concerns addressed yesterday were the requests by the Mayors and local people for the repair of their irrigation systems, the construction of farm to market roads and the rehabilitation of at least two agricultural schools in the province.

Source: Manny Piñol

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