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Fallen but not forgotten! Journalist says Aquino will not escape punishment and will pay for Mamasapano

3 years after Mamasapano Massacre and justice still seem elusive for the SAF 44.
SAF 44 | Photo from Google

It's been a long time and a lot still wonder whether or not the justice would still come to the late 44 soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting for the country; a fight that could have not taken the lives of our heroic armed men if not for the ineptitude of the people in power.

One of those who wonder about the justice that long-time eludes us is the veteran journalist Jojo Robles.

In a Facebook post, he expressed his sympathy with the men who got killed in such tragic encounter.

Check out his full post below


On the corner of Edsa and White Plains Avenue in Quezon City, dozens of Philippine flags stand at attention in neat, equidistant rows.

The national tricolors provide mute testimony to the heroism of an equal number of police commandos who died because their commander-in-chief would not rescue them when they were set upon by a numerically superior force, after they had performed their foreign-dictated, reward-rich mission upon their leader's behest.

A huge LCD screen that is usually rented out to purveyors of various consumer goods a little down the highway from the awkwardly named (for this occasion, anyway) People Power Monument, in front of the national military headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, flashes the names and photos of the 44 highly-trained warriors for the same reason that the flags are there.

Remember those who died, both flags and screen images seem to say; do not let their sacrifice be in vain.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of that defining moment in the presidency of Benigno Simeon Aquino III, the horrible incident now called the Mamasapano Massacre.

And as far as I know, no one has been held responsible for the brutal killing by Moro insurgents of 44 elite members of the PNP Special Action Force in a deserted cornfield in a far-flung, rebel-infested town in Maguindanao province, three long years after the fact.
Ex PNoy | Photo from Google

Of course, the people who usually hang out at the monument every February to mark another occasion would rather that we forget all about Mamasapano and the 44 SAF troopers who died there.

As far as these people are concerned, it's perfectly all right to charge Aquino with usurping a power that was already his (the official complaint says so) and to “move on,” as they urged us all three years ago, when Noynoy's presidency was shaken to its foundations in the aftermath of the massacre.

It is no coincidence that these same Filipinos will not allow anyone to move on when it comes to events that they have long ago weaponized to serve their own partisan political purposes.

The “never forget” crowd does want us to forget – but only the stuff that throws shade on their idol from Times Street.

But Mamasapano, like the PDAF/DAP scandals and the Dengvaxia debacle, to name just two other national tragedies directly involving Noynoy, will never be forgotten.

There is no question that Aquino's failures have been seared into the national consciousness for good, or else we would be paying homage today to Aquino's designated successor, the equally pedigreed and high-born understudy from Cubao, instead of to that uncouth provinciano who is everything that Noynoy and his chosen one are not.

I am under no illusion that the Filipino nation will see Aquino pay for Mamasapano and other crimes during this administration, given its lack of interest in the sort of political vendetta that Noynoy was famous for.

But I am certain that one day, all of those who suffered under the inept, thieving, hypocritical and unfeeling presidency that gave us Mamasapano and many more variations on the same theme will secure the justice that they deserve.

I will not believe that God will allow Noynoy to ride into the sunset, cigarette smoke trailing behind him, convinced that he was the best president this country ever had, that he always had the best interest of his “bosses” in mind and that he never, ever did anything wrong.

It may take time, but Aquino will not escape punishment for his grievous sins, which cry to the heavens for restitution.

The flags along Edsa and the names and faces of the SAF 44 will not allow such a miscarriage of justice to happen.

Never mind if they cannot utter one word.
Jojo Robles | Photo from Facebook

Source: Jojo Robles

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