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What have they done to our policemen? Another ghost of Aquino administration floats

Contradicting with what most of us initially knewthat only children were the ones who were administered with the Sanofi-Pasteur-made anti-dengue vaccinethe controversial vaccine was not only able to swim through the veins of over 800,000 children, but also, unfortunately, with some of the country's defenders, our policemen.
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As a result, several people within their ranks who received the Dengvaxia vaccine are now anxious over its adverse effects that could do to them.

This took place after a warning was released by its makerthe French Pharmaceutical giant, Sanofiin their public disclosure made recently.

Their warning stated what they have found out according to the data they have gathered from their latest studies: the vaccine prevents future infections for those who were already stricken previously however, it also mentioned that it causes severe dengue to those who did not had dengue prior having been immunized.

Said warning prompted the Department of Health in suspending the immunization program.

Reportedly, at least a thousand policemen have been vaccinated with Dengvaxia.

Worried about its adverse effects, the policemen who were were given the anti-dengue shots from the Quezon City force convened with the officials from the Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC) to raise their concerns, morning of Sunday.

The meeting was meant to let the police-recipients know the government’s interventions since the public disclosure of its drug-maker, Sanofi-Pasteur.

Philippine government is yet to release a list that entails who among the recipientsfor both the policemen as well as the school children and othersof the anti-dengue vaccine were zero-negative the moment Dengvaxia vaccine were administered to them.

Warning about the “serious disease” for the “zero-negative” or recipients who did not have prior dengue infections before getting the shot came from the vaccine-maker Sanofi Pasteur itself.

Held at Camp Karingal by the QCPD or the Quezon City Police District Health Service under PCI Josephine L Nandu, in coordination with Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC), the dialogue was between QCPD personnel and dependents who were given the shots on September.

Based on the record, '839 QCPD personnel together with 498 dependents and other civilians were injected with the vaccine on a voluntary basis last September. The QCPD has a complement of 4,742 uniformed personnel and 292 civilians', a report said.

Reportedly, the dialogue focused on monitoring of the Dengvaxia recipients for 'immediate medical intervention upon onset of the disease in those at risk'.

It was exactly held at the spot where the inoculations were conducted months ago, around September: at the QCPD covered court.

Dr. Julius A Lecciones, Executive Director of the PCMC, chaired the said event.

In coordination with the QCPD Health Service, vaccines that were provided by the Philippine Children Medical Center for free, were injected in recipients by the said Medical Center's medical personnel.

Recipients at risk will be monitored for the next five years.
Dengvaxia product shot | Photo from Google

Source: Interaksyon

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