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WATCH | Atty. Bruce Rivera and Atty. Jesus Falcis III argue face to face over political views about Duterte

TV 5's news team called News 5 has its so-called News5 Features, of which based on their Facebook page, is dedicated for 'lifestyle, entertainment, technology and other trends'.
Atty. Bruce Rivera and Atty. Jesus Falcis III | Screengrab from News5 Features

One of their segments in News5 Features is 'Versus'.

The show resonates with that of the same network's defunct noontime show 'Face to Face'. The said show was hosted by the then-kapatid Amy Perez, who is now back in her original network ABS-CBN as It's Showtime host.

In 'Versus', two people who are basically enemies or at least disagreeing with a certain topic would come face to face and debate about the issues they don't share the same beliefs with head on.

In its Thursday episode, November 23, it featured the hottest supporter and critic of Pres. Duterte, who are both lawyers and bloggers: Atty. Bruce Rivera, a staunch Duterte supporter and Atty. Jesus Falcis III, an adamant critic of the Philippine president.

Atty. Bruce Rivera introduced himself as a lawyer, ex-professor, and a supporter of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte while Atty. Jesus Falcis III said he is a Human Rights lawyer, a blogger and a debate coach.

In the pre-interview portion aired, Atty. Rivera said that he got to know Atty. Falcis because he is being criticized by the Duterte supporters. Atty. Falcis on the other hand said he is seeing Atty. Rivera's Facebook posts before that are very supportive of the current administration which is for him, some are logical while others are not.

The two did shake hands together as soon as they faced each other on screen.

With a very cordial start, Atty. Rivera even asked Atty. Falcis as to who will begin first. The anti-Duterte lawyer suggested to 'break the ice' as they are long-time enemies (when it comes to politics) wherein the pro-Duterte lawyer was quick to jokingly answer "Hindi, ikaw nagsimula".

Discussing a social media fuss from the past involving the West Philippine Sea, Atty. Falcis told Atty. Rivera that he blocked him soon after a particular argument took place.

With Falcis wanting to know where Rivera came from in blocking the anti-Duterte lawyer, Rivera tried to explain his side but just decided to move on and said "let bygones be bygones, kasi 'di ba pareho naman tayong nandito, ok lang. Para sumikat ka din", poking fun with Falcis.

Falcis laughed and replied "No, hindi ko naman goal sumikat"'. Rivera answered "Ako din, pareho tayo".

Shifting on a serious note, Falcis admitted that he considered voting for President Duterte up until January 2017 making him 'ka-DDS'. Not only Diehard Duterte Supporter but 'Dating Duterte Supporter' as he calls it.

According to the supporter-turned-critic, he came to realize that the then-presidential candidate's stand over certain issues that turned him off were the dispute on West Philippine Sea, Marcos Burial, and Extra-judicial Killing, among others.

He clarified, though, that he does not have any connection with the Liberal Party as of now. The latter even told Bruce that he can check his profile to see his (Atty. Falcis) take that he posted online with regard to the Mamasapano Massacre where he believes BS Aquino should be held liable.

What made him turn his back from Duterte, according to him, is that when the then-Davao City Mayor said that he used to plant the evidence when he was a prosecutor. Something the president did not even retracted or explained to avoid misinterpretation, as per Falcis.

In addition, Falcis also said that he was bothered when Pres. Duterte told our policemen that if (the suspects) did not fight back (during the police anti-illegal drugs operations), give them a gun and plant a 'shabu'. Asking Bruce, "How can you support a president like that being a lawyer?".

Rivera retaliated and said "Well, of course, we have been telling him that, and hindi naman kami mga supporters dahil sinasabi din naman namin but you know, it's kinda hard to teach an old dog new tricks because at the end of the day we see him as a person of dignity, he does his work".

Asking Rivera if he does not believe that Duterte used to plant evidence as a prosecutor, Rivera said a lot of prosecutors say that but "it doesn't mean it's true, it's just like statement, exaggeration".

When asked by Falcis, "So anong purpose kaya, bakit sinabi ni President 'yun?"

Rivera enlightened the anti-Duterte lawyer and said "Well, mind games. I am a lawyer, you're a lawyer, he's a lawyer. Of course he will know that would be wrong but he's saying it not because he does not know the law. It's just because he's just trying to play with your mind".

Taking his turn to ask, Rivera asked Falcis regarding the latter's old Facebook post where he talked about the President's health condition.

The critic retorted that he did not claim the president was dying but asking whether not he (Duterte) is sick.

Coming to their common ground, the two conversed about how both of them write opinions and not news.

Moving on to Bruce's previous client (Janet Napoles) who is very controversial, Jesus asked how he met her and why did he has withdrawn from the being Napoles's lawyer. Bruce responded: "Because I cannot lie". Making Falcis say "Oh, I respect you for that".

Falcis again voiced out his respect for the loyal Duterte lawyer when he stood his ground versus his pro-Duterte supporter Sass Rogando Sasot who blogs at For the Motherland on Facebook tackling the issue in line with the spread of fake news, especially that of 'Buntis si Leni' stir.

Touching the controversy linked with supporting a particular politico that comes with a price, Rivera told Falcis  "I don't want to get paid for my principle."

Tackling the Tapang at Malasakit Alliance recently launched by the president's daughter, Mayor Inday Sarra Duterte-Carpio, whose purpose is to stop the criticism, where both Mayor Erap Estrada and Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, who are associated with corruption according to Falcis, he asked Rivera, "Hindi ba very dubious and shady yung alliance?".

Rivera, on the other hand, was fast to answer "No. Number one, it was open to the public. Si TP nga nagsabi open to the public yan eh. Everybody can come and be there". Falcis asked, "pati me?" of which Rivera immediately answered "of course! Yun nga lang, hindi namin ma-assure kung kukuyugin ka o hindi 'di ba?".

Watch the video below for the complete details:

Atty. Bruce Rivera | Photo from Google
Atty. Jesus Falcis III

Source: News5 Features

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