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PCOO Usec Badoy calls Kimmel and Middler 'mga Kagwang ng Kawalang Kamodohan' after their rude remarks against Pres. Duterte

Earlier this month, two of the Hollywood personalities attacked the respected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
TV show host Jimmy Kimmel, PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, Singer Bette Middler | Photo from Google

Both blatantly insulted Pres. Duterte by making rude and baseless remarks against the latter.

It can be recalled that Jimmy Kimmel called Pres. Duterte as 'absolute lunatic' and 'murderer' while Bette Middler called him 'murderous dictator'.

In a Facebook post, the appointed Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary Doc. Lorraine Marie T.  Badoy hits back at the two, calling them 'mga Kagwang ng Kawalang Kamodohan'.

Below is Doc. Badoy's full article:

These past few days I am Ms. Congeniality and telling Heads of Departments and Ambassadors and stakeholders of this country what the PCOO is and where we can do collaborative work that builds our country and the world up.

In other words, I’ve been making friends for the President and our country. And I’ve been mighty pleased with myself.

And true enough, as sure as day turns into night and Monday turns to Tuesday, when I get too pleased with myself, the pendulum swings and something happens and the truth about who it is I truly am comes out. 

The Self, in other words, took a look at the respectable Ms Congeniality I conjured from some script written by society that said government high officials ought to act this way and that and blah blah blah –and said, “HAH!”

The something that happened was Jimmy Kimmel and Bette Midler who called the President a murderer, a lunatic, a bloody dictator (I can’t quote verbatim. As I said, I throw out trash the moment I see it. But we’ve been through this shit a million times so you know whereof I speak.)

It is because of these that I have crowned Jimmy Kimmel and Bette Midler ang mga Kagwang ng Kawalang Kamodohan. May nanalo na, mga bes. Uwian na.
They make it so clear to me what the definition of walang modo is: ignorant and arrogant.

I would laugh if the consequences to the combined ignorance and arrogance of these patently un-funny clowns weren’t so dire to a country that’s been beset by unrelenting global trashing from the world’s walang modos.

Here’s the funny thing about these walang modos: how they love to talk as if they know—and with such a startling degree of confidence— realities that are so far removed from their own. You look at them and it’s amazing really. Not an eyelash is batted, no eyes are blinked, zero hesitation. In fact, they kinda hurtle into that space where they spew out their ignorance, eager and proud.

As they reduce an entire country  that has given its overwhelming support to a President that is most beloved to a tweet and a punchline.
Walang modo talaga.

These are people who have not stepped on Philippine soil lately—not in the last 50 or so years at least—or ever, make a bet? And yet they speak as if they know for sure who Rodrigo Roa Duterte is and what the Philippines is all about.

What they have to go on are, at best, second/third hand reports from some paper they read while getting airbrushed—a few lines here and there—that has sketched a caricature of our President that is more in keeping with their lazy biases than what is true for Filipinos.


In other words, if you truly want the score, ask US. Don’t be that lazy walang modo who thinks they are the world’s authority on Filipinos just because they read a few lines about our President or sat their fat butts one day in front of the tv and watched CNN (major rolling of eyeballs) define us.

Pax Americana is over. You are so yesterday’s news, muchachos.

We’re the country who’s had to earn, by dint of backbreaking work, every victory—big and small—that we’ve had. And we’ve earned it by holding on to each other and holding fast to every good thing we’ve believed about our Selves.

And Jimmy Kimmel and Bette Middler are that dysfunctional next-door-nosey-neighbors who say, “No. You’re not good enough. This is what you are.” Then proceeds to give us a definition of who we are that is more in keeping with the ignorant biases they have of who the Filipino is.

Because when you slander a President who is beloved by the overwhelming majority of Filipinos, what you’re actually saying is, “Oh what a bunch of cretins, oh such cowards these puny weak-in-the-head Filipinos voting into office and then supporting a dictator/murderer/lunatic/whatever lazy caricature these lazy minds have latched on to.”

The country that has been down on its knees since time out of mind is not only standing tall now but is taking steady and quick strides to a future that is bright and vibrant with hope.

And for us Titos and Titas of the Philippines, the goal of leaving a country better than what we found to our children and our children’s children is fast becoming a reality. Never before have real and substantial gains been as fast and furious in coming. And there is so much more we are set to accomplish.

And it is the President of this country who has first taken us out of the bottom of the well we were trapped in for ages. And he has been the one who dusted the dirt out of us and cupped our faces in the palm of his hands and said, “We can do this, ok? Come. I lead. You follow.”

Not only are we at the dawn of a new day but at midmorning and the frenzied activity of rebuilding our country is at fever pitch.

I understand. Jimmy Kimmel and Bette Midler were really taking a swipe at their President. Our President was collateral damage.

And you look at all I’ve written here and I have not said a word about their President. And it’s not because I don’t have an opinion about him. Oh man, I do.

Except that I know my place. And unless it concerns my country, I keep my peace and wish you well. Life is hard enough without the heckling of onlookers who have no real stake in the destiny of your country.

I will not be that walang modo who speaks as if I know for sure what other people’s realities are and that I have in my possession information that makes me Keeper of the One and Only Truth.

And that I must, at all times, keep in mind, my place. And be as respectful of other people’s piece of earth as I want my own piece of earth to be respected.

Yup, I do not want to ever be the certified assholes that Bette Midler and Jimmy Kimmel are.

Upward and onward, Philippines!

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy's Facebook

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