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Int'l relations expert to Trudeau: F*ck off. Clean up those shitload of human rights mess you have before coming to the Philippines!

It can be remembered that the Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the Philippines' human rights status.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | Photo credits to the owner

The said remarks by the Canadian Prime Minister reportedly 'insulted' President Rodrigo Duterte.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo credits to the owner

Albeit all these fuss created by Mr.  Justin Trudeau, a recent Facebook post by an International Relations expert, Mr. Jun Avelino, reveals the alleged violation of the Canada's own violation of human rights to its citizens.

Below is the post of Jun Avelino:

Canada's Murder of its own Aboriginal People And Trudeau's Stinking Records of Human Rights Violations

On Justin Trudeau’s claim that the reason why he brought up the issue on Human Rights in his bilateral meeting with Duterte is that “Canada has earned a reputation for having discussions on rule of law and human rights firmly.” This is a grave lie, folks.

Well, just so the public may know, Canada, as a country, has one of the worst records of human rights due to violations committed by no less than the government of Canada against its own people and organizations involved in political activities, even under the watch of its current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Among the human rights violations of Canada are as follows:

1) Canada has systematically murdered over a thousand Indigenous women for a span of several years. UN and Rights groups called on Canada to conduct an investigation on the matter which fell on deaf ears. While Justin Trudeau initiated a recent investigation on these murders, recent development proved that the investigation he initiated is a farce and therefore doomed to fail being undertaken for just a show to win global praises.…/canadian-murdered-indigenous-…

2) At one point, Justin Trudeau’s government spent more than C$110,000 ($88,000) in legal fees to avoid spending C$6,000 on orthodontics for a First Nations teenager suffering from chronic pain. If this is not racial discrimination of its own people, what is? That is gravely inhumane for Trudeau's government to commit.... Duterte will never do such an act against any Filipino regardless of social status and orientation.…/canada-first-nations-orthodon…

3) Again, for a show, Justin Trudeau offered to accept tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and providing them with proper care and attention from the government while he conveniently forgets providing the same level of care and attention to the tens of thousands indigenous Canadians who lives as third class citizens of their own country. This is a grave human rights violation against Canada’s own people perpetrated by Trudeau himself!…/canada-indigenous-people-firs…

4) In some areas in Canada, muslim women are banned from wearing Burqas and niqabs in grave violation of their human rights!

5) Justin Trudeau has “bulldozed off his country’s aboriginal rights” with the construction of B.C.'s Site C dam – a project which will adversely affect the lives of the Canadian aboriginal people which even UN itself called for a halt and for which Trudeau never bothered paying attention to.…/b…/site-c-un-panel-august-2017-1.4266109

6) Canada is poised to enforce its own version of Anti-Terror Law which human rights groups and civil libertarians in Canada charged as an assault to Canada’s charter of human rights and clearly does not meet its human rights treaty obligations;…/mcphail-there-are-still-profound…

7) Charities and people’s organizations involved in political activities are now under harassment by Canadian government in a form of audits of their operations which basically an act of curtailing the rights of the Canadian people for dissent, as well as checks and balance in their country’s governance. Isn’t this a human rights violation?

8) Aside from the US, Canada has also a record of torturing terror suspects post 9/11 particularly muslim men under its custody in grave violations of the human rights of these accused for which the UN itself has condemned Canada for its complicity on such heinous, brutal and inhumane acts.…/canada-accused-of-complicity-in-torture…

Clearly, Canada as a country has a stinking records of human rights violations which have tarnished its image even at the halls of the UN. And the ascension of Trudeau as Canada’s Prime Minister, has worsened its already malodorous records in the field of human rights for his being a known murderer of Canadian aboriginal people as exemplified by his negligence on their plight in favor of his acceptance of refugees to win global attention and admiration. WTF!

And you have the nerve to insult us by lecturing Duterte on the value of human of rights in our country when in fact you killed your own aboriginal people out of sheer discrimination, curtail people’s right of dissent, disrespected women's rights in your own country and more importantly, tortured terror suspects in wanton disregard of their human rights under Canada’s treaty obligations. Justin, for the record, we never did any of those inhumane acts Canada has done to its people under your watch. So, fuck off. Go, clean up those shitload of human rights mess you have in your own backyard first before you come to the Philippines and start preaching human rights as if Canada is its champion. Not in the face of Digong as you will only look stupid with your own dismal human rights performance in Canada.

As far as Filipinos are concerned, listening to you preaching human rights with all the miserable records you have back home, only portrays your being an idiotic image of Canada peddling empty lies about human rights around the world which only Canadian brainless morons like you will understand. Spare the Philippines, please, with such a Canadian brand of idiocy. – Sanamagan! – JA

Source: Jun Avelino

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